RHPs’ Blade Skating Treadmill is the ultimate tool designed to help ALL skill levels of players improve their skating stride. Treadmill sessions are personal skating lessons, carried out in front of a full length mirror, with an RHP professional instructor. The instructor will analyze and correct a players’ skating technique, stride efficiency, upper body movement and more. Private, Semi Private, Small groups, max 4 skaters, and team packages are available. Choose from 45 min or 1 hour sessions. When choosing semi private or group sessions skaters are responible for bringing their own partners. Pricing is as follows:

Private or Semi-Private (45 min. session)

1 Session – $85.00+HST

3 or More per Session – $75.00+HST


Team or Small groups up to 4 skaters (1 Hour session)

4:1 ratio for 4 Weeks – $150.00+HST/per skater

3:1 ratio for 4 Weeks – $200.00+HST/per skater

2:1 ratio for 4Weeks – $300.00+HST/per skater


4:1 ratio for 8 Weeks – $250.00+HST/per skater

3:1 ratio for 8 Weeks – $334.00+HST/per skater

2:1 rartio for 8 Weeks – $500.00+HST/per skater


4:1 ratio for 12 Weeks – $325.00+HST/per skater

3:1 ratio for 12 Weeks – $432.00+HST/per skater

2:1 ratio for 12 Weeks – $648.00+HST/per skater


You must put together your own partner or group  for semi private, small group or team session!


All sessions are booked online for your convenience.

Note: When signing up for Blade Private Packages please use the name of your player who will be attending the Blade Skating Treadmill sessions.


Cancellation of a session  must be made more than 48 hours prior to the scheduled training date.  Failure to do so will result in the session being charged and removed from the package.