About RHP Training Centre

RHP Training Centre Inc. is a state of the art facility designed to develop all athletes. Our facility is located in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada which the main attraction is the 22,000-square foot training facility with a REAL ICE surface almost 3/4 the size of an NHL size rink. RHP Training Centre Inc. also has an 8,000-square foot dryland area which includes a Woodway “Blade” Skating Treadmill which is the best tool available for improving the mechanics of skating. The facility also includes a complete strength training area, a cardiovascular training area and a functional and dynamic training area with athletic sport turf. RHP Training Centre Inc. also houses a yoga/personal training studio and has a 3000-square foot seminar and party room.

We want athletes in Northern Ontario to stop hoping and wishing for better training opportunities; we want them to expect it. Our state of the art facility has top quality professional trainers in every area of sport, hockey and athletic development. RHP Training Centre Inc. and its trainers are here to help athletes of all ages from beginner to professional, providing the best instruction available and giving them the development opportunities they need to reach their goals. RHP Training Centre Inc. is a state of the art development and teaching facility with all the tools to develop athletes from young to old and beginners to professionals, and a lineup of programs and athletic testing that will challenge and better any athlete in a positive and supportive environment.