2020 - Elite 3on3 Summer League



Are you looking for a place where you can develop your hockey skills, and bring your conditioning to the next level? Do you need to get stronger, faster, quicker…? Are you looking to challenge yourself against other elite players to see where you stack up? If you answered YES to any of these questions then RHP Training Centre is the place for you this summer.

We are thrilled to introduce an Elite 3on3 Summer League for Peewee, Bantam. Both boys and girls are welcome. As long as you play at a competitive level including A, AA, AAA, PW, JR or at the Collegiate level, we are extremely excited to have you come and compete for a chance to win the RHP Elite 3on3 Summer League Trophy. You will be competing throughout the months of July and August. So you will not only be developing you’re in game situation skills but also your fitness levels will be at an all time high come the start of your season.

Why RHP are you asking? Well just ask some of the best players in the world….

Nick Foligno “C” Columbus Blue Jackets– “Playing 3on3 at RHP in the off season prepares me and our local pros for another hockey season”

Derek MacKenzie Florida Panthers– “I’m always ready for when the puck is dropped for the start of the new season. Thanks RHP!”

You heard it from the best. Our 3/4 ice sized rink is designed specifically for 3on3 and small arena player development, it’s the best way to improve your quickness and get you ready for you’re all important upcoming season. Not only does it help you with your skating and quick edge work, but more importantly it forces you to make quick instinctive reaction type hockey plays in tight areas, as players are always on top of you. You have to not only play at a quick pace, but you have to think even quicker. And the best part is with this Elite 3on3 Summer League you will have to do all of this against top-level competition. Forcing you to bring your game to the next level.

So, if you want to speed up your in game decision making and raise your over all game to the next level, so you can be ready to make the right play at the right time when the pressure is on. You have to be at RHP and join our Elite 3on3-Summer Hockey League.

See you there!!!!