Dry-Land Area

RHP Training Centre Inc. has an 8,000 square foot dry-land area that includes a complete strength training area, a cardiovascular training area, and a functional and dynamic training area with athletic sport turf. Our qualified trainers work with you to develop and execute a program that helps you achieve your goals and objectives.
RHP Training Centre trains athletes in hockey, curling, football and a variety of other sports. If we can train world champions, national and provincial champions in different sports, just think of what we can do for you or your team.
We are the ONLY TRX Qualified Centre in the north and we use tools by TRX like their one of a kind like the RIP and Suspension Trainers.
We have Olympic Lifting platforms to help you become the strongest and most powerful you have ever been.
We will use our indoor turf to train you to be the fastest, go longer and cutter harder
You will use our sleds, prowlers, tires and sledgehammers, along with a host of other tools for General Physical Preparedness, so you can be ready for anything!
With The RHP Training Centre you can expect the best training for anyone, anytime and anywhere!

Don’t Just Win, Dominate!