RHP Training Centre is excited to launch our New Premium Athletic Development Program for Summer 2017.  The Premium Athletic Development Program will consist of extensive physical training component.  The 2017 edition of the program will be offered to athletes across a variety of sports.  This program is not sport-specific, but rather a program with an emphasis on athletic development, regardless of sport.

The Premium Athletic Development Program will expose participants to testing using tools and methods that national-level and professional athletes are measured by.  Initially, athletes’ movements will be evaluated using the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and the Y Balance Test which are both standard tools used by the NHL, NFL, MLB and NBA.  Athletes in all other age groups will be introduced to the FMS and Y Balance Test over the course of the program.

Performance will be evaluated using tests that prove where the athletes are currently and we will show them where they compare against appropriate standards.  This 2-month long program will give athletes the time they need to move better, be stronger and faster than ever before and ready for their upcoming season.

In addition, participants in the Premium Athletic Development Program can access the Athletic Therapist, Certified Nutritionist as well as the Sports Psychologist that are available at RHP Training Centre.

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