RHP Training Centre’s March Break Camp will have a strong emphasis on developing individual skills including skating, stick handling, passing and shooting. Along with these drills, skaters will participate in skill building group drills, small are games and FUN! This camp will provide players the opportunity to refine skills that they already possess, challenge them to learn new skills and understand how to apply them in a game situation. Along with on-ice development players will receive skating instructions on the Blade Skating Treadmill, refine their stickhandling techniques, and take part in a dry land program to increase their awareness on the importance of strength and conditioning in hockey training.




Camp Overview

  • 2.5 hours of on ice instruction each day
  • 1.5 hour session (Skill Development)
  • 1.0 hour session (Group Drills / Games / 3on3)
  • 45 minutes of skating development on the Blade
  • 45 minutes of off-ice skills training
  • 1 hour of age appropriate dry land training
  • Pizza lunch provided by RHP on Thursday March 12th ONLY

Additional Information For All Parents:

Players that will need a late pick up will need to provide RHP with that information when registering. Players that do stay late will take part in either floor-ball or a movie.

Each Player Must Bring

  • Full hockey equipment
  • Running shoes
  • Athletic Apparel (shorts/tracksuit/t-shirt)
  • Water or sports beverage
  • Healthy Snacks (Peanut Free)
  • DATES: March 10th, 11th, & 12th, 2020
  • TIMES: Full Day Camp / optional 8:15am drop off/ 5:00pm late pick up

Players 8 – 13Yrs * NOW OPEN *

Goalies 8 – 13Yrs * NOW OPEN *  

March Break Camp